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Creating a double-clickable web link is as simple as dragging the address from Safari to the desktop. Very convenient, unless you want to.

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How to Put a Shortcut to a Website on Your Desktop. You can create shortcuts to websites on your computer desktop using most major browsers. These shortcuts let.

Smart desktop shortcuts can save you mindless sifting through menus and folders. We show you quick & easy ways to create them.

The humble Arduino can do a lot of things, but did you know it can emulate a USB keyboard? You could combine long keyboard shortcuts into a single custom shortcut.

If you visit certain Web pages, such as Facebook and Gmail, on a daily basis, you can create shortcuts to them on your Mac OS X desktop. Web shortcuts enable you to.

You can create shortcuts to websites on your computer desktop using most major browsers. This feature is not currently available on Mac computers. Helpful?

Apr 20, 2017. Here's how to create a desktop shortcut or Alias on Mac. An Alias is. Why is this website called iphone hacks if it has mac guides? Gautam • 6.

Create shutdown, restart, log-off and hibernate shortcuts for your desktop.

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How do I save URL shortcuts on my Mac desktop? – Ask Dave Taylor – I only just developed a need to have some web links on my Mac desktop and it was awesome to When I drag the favicon out of Safari onto my desktop, it makes a link to the website- but for some For instance, if I drag the url to this page in Safari it is named ""How do I save URL shortcuts on my.

2017-05-22  · How to Make a Shortcut (Alias) on a Mac. You hinted at symbolic links, but they are much more powerful than aliases, if you use Terminal at all.

Create a shortcut to a website on your desktop. (laptop image by Ewe Degiampietro from All modern web browsers allow you to save links to the websites you visit most often. How to Make an External Drive Writable on a Mac. How can I turn on my Favourites toolbar?

2013-01-18  · Add Weather & Other Dashboard Widgets to the Desktop in Mac OS X

An alias on the Mac works similar to how a Shortcut does on Windows, and you can store them anywhere you want. We're going to offer a quick review of making aliases on the Mac to offer shortcut access to any files, folders, documents, or applications.

2005-04-19  · Adding shortcuts to your desktop for programs, documents or even specific web pages is very easy.

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Apr 7, 2017. Here is the answer for the question “How to create a website shortcut on desktop” for easy to navigate WebPages. If you crease shortcut to any.

Create shortcuts to websites on a desktop for Macmacbook – How can I create a shortcut on the desktop for Mac. – May 17, 2010. The shortcut in Windows is called Alias in MacOS. Creating. File menu: Select the item, and then from the File menu, select Make Alias. A new.

Create Application Shortcuts in Google Chrome on a Mac [The Less Annoying Blog] You may also like. Then, right click on it and drag the 'Google Chrome' icon to your desktop. com " right now my machine is set to IE as default browser. g. More How To Make A Website Shortcut On Desktop.

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Jun 8, 2011. Mac OS X: Users coming from Windows PCs are accustomed to desktop shortcuts, but it's not something that's seen often on a Mac. Fact is, you.

You can create shortcuts to websites on your computer desktop using most major browsers. You can make a shortcut for any website, but you may still be prompted to log in if the site normally requires it. This feature is not currently available on Mac computers.

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